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@RogerRoger I'm definitely looking forward to Spider-Man 2 more now that I've played Miles Morales and knowing he'll be in the game.

Just finished Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight on PS4. It was overall pretty good but I definitely preferred Dancing in Starlight for numerous reasons. I like the P5 cast more and the music is much, much better in Starlight. Not to mention that I don't even recognise most of the tracks in Moonlight, even though I've played Persona 3. But that's probably because I played Portable and not FES.

There are some great tracks in Moonlight but some of the remixes are just awful, like this one:

I genuinely don't understand how anyone could think it was a good idea to put this remix in the game.

Anyway, I liked the game overall but I'm definitely glad I'm done with it.

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@LtSarge FES’s battle soundtrack is so deeply rooted in a specific subgenre of 00s weird J-rap/sorta nu-metal that most of the remixes of those songs just sound bizarre and disjointed in that game. The remixes of the field music are great though, they were always my favourite part of 3’s soundtrack. Just can’t believe you can’t dance to the dorm music, that’s a tune. You should definitely play FES down the line if you were ever going to play 3 again, I prefer it but most of all it’s just a different experience. Portable’s female route is decent though.

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@nessisonett At this point, I'm just holding out for a remake of Persona 3. The game as a whole just has so many issues, like not being able to hang out with most of your team mates and the ones you can hang out with unlock much later in the game. It would be nice if they could just make everyone available to you as you recruit them throughout the story. Then there's the issue of Tartarus, which is one single dungeon with 250+ floors. It would also be nice if they could at the very least add some changes here. Make each set of floors different, maybe add some story elements, just anything to make each run feel less like a chore.

So unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever play FES just because it's still too similar to Portable. Hopefully Atlus will release a remake of P3 in the future because I really want to give this game another chance if they can improve it.



Hitman: Contracts, the third of the classic Hitman games. It's still going to feel somewhat clunky compared to the modern trilogy, but it carries over a lot of the QOL improvements from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

It's got a weird narrative style, mostly told through flashbacks. The levels are a mixture of original levels, and remastered levels from the original Hitman: Codename 47. This approach actually works quite well due to how tedious the gameplay was in the original game. It gives those remastered levels a new lease of life, whilst also having a bunch of new levels to enjoy.

There's less levels here than in the previous Hitman games, but it takes a step up in terms of level design. The levels generally feel more fun to play, making the levels more geared towards stealth, and giving the player more options in terms of how to eliminate a target. The standouts include the rather cursed early level The Meat King's Party, and a remaster of the Budapest hotel mission from the first game.

I enjoyed my time with this, though I'll warn it could be tricky for modern gamers to get into this game. I'll definitely continue with the classic Hitman games and try out Blood Money at some point.


Finished Lego DC Super Villains over the weekend, it was fairly entertaining though I did find myself skipping a lot of the cutscenes, nevertheless it was a nice palate cleanser. My eldest son tasked me with bagging the plat but I might have to take a break before finishing that up.

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Fair warning: the plat is easy enough but way more time consuming than I was expecting it to be - as in much longer than just completing the game again. I just checked some guides to reaffirm my vague memories and it seems around 10 hours for the main game and around 35 if you're going for all trophies. Just so you know what you would be getting yourself into.

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@sorteddan Thanks for the heads up, from what I’ve read too it seems like a proper headache and some of the red bricks cost like 250,000,000 so practically pointless by the time you’ve unlocked them. Like I say might take a few days away from it as i am feeling a tad fatigued with it all.

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Trails of Cold Steel 1. I was going for platinum and put over 120 hours and still only had 50% of the trophies. What a grind! Loved the game and it was my first in the series, not sure I will ever get that platinum though as I'd rather move on into more games in the series than replay this one over again.



@sorteddan @AgentCooper That sounds like a total ball ache. Too much for my plums to go through.

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