Adult String Classes

Announcing CCO sponsored Adult String Program

Beginners or novices – want to start but don’t know how? Got a fiddle under the bed and would like to play again? Don’t read music?
Violin (fiddle), viola, cello, upright bass – ongoing weekly group classes are held Thursday evenings 6:45 pm – 8:00 pm at the Batesville United Methodist Church, 6670 Plank Rd, Afton, VA 22920. This group is led by Crozet Community Orchestra Director of Music, Philip Clark and is geared to adults (minimum age 14 or at Mr Clark’s discretion). Walk-ins are welcome. Help is available arranging instrument rental or repair. Cost is $12 per class;  monthly payment plans $40. A limited number of need based financial scholarships are available.
Questions or to register, please click HERE.

“So last week, we spent time on left hand position and a G major 2 octave scale.  I had them work on a shifting exercise – it helps to loosen up the left hand as well as hone intonation skills.  We finished by playing a Handel march which introduces separate parts, some of which I’ve rewritten for those with very basic skills and others more challenging.  I’ve also written a piece – Batesville Ballad! – for them which gradually introduces slower and quicker bows, slurs and string crossings. In between all this, we try to work on the most important aspect of string playing – the bow arm and hand.” — Philip Clark, CCO Director of Music.